Hi, I’m Kate – Netherlands based home seamstress, textile addict and sustainability enthusiast. Since leaving behind my mum’s hemming skills in Sydney I have been addicted to making my own clothes and finding my personal style. But at some point I studied sustainable fashion and just sewing stuff isn’t not enough. As well as sharing some of my more complex sewing projects, this blog aims to share information and demystify what is behind the fabrics in our clothes and the stuff we sew with everyday. Where does it come from? How is it made? If we knew, would we act any differently? 

There are many ways to be incorporate sustainability into our everyday lives and my way is primarily through clothes and sewing. There are so many inspiring stories of people working for change within the fashion industry. But equally important are the stories of individuals like you and me, who value the clothing they have, make, mend or upcycle (or all of the above!). As we get to know more and better understand what is behind our clothes and fabric, we can build different ways of thinking about our choices.

For the rest, I am 30 something year old former city worker from Australia. I landed in London in 2012 and relocated to the Netherlands in 2019. My sewing makes are on instagram: @timetosew.

Where else I’ve been…

Sew News, Feb/Mar 2019, Apr/May 2019, June/July 2019

A 3 part series on sustainable sewing for US magazine Sew News (only available in the print version)

Stitchers Brew Podcast, October 2018

A chat with my Alex, Gabby and Megan about all things sustainable sewing – its a long but lighthearted episode!

Declutter your sewing space podcast, September 2018

An episode where my friend Pilar and I talk about #makeyourstash, minimalism vs maximalism and our sewing spaces

Clothes Making Mavens podcast, June 2018

Clothes Making Mavens

Suzy Magazine, Spring 2018

This issue was all about a conscious wardrobe and I was lucky enough to be on the cover!

Sewcialist blog

Where I sometimes write sustainable sewing articles for the group blog. In 2018 I was also on the editorial team as a guest.sewcialists-2